10 Reasons To Try Living In A Studio Apartment

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For any of us that grew up outside of the Klang Valley area, moving to the city can be quite a shock. Newer developments, such as in cyberjaya property, are increasing angled towards studio apartments. Your new apartment in the city might be the same size, or even smaller than, your bedroom in your childhood home. With the higher cost of living in KL, it’s no wonder that apartments are getting smaller and smaller these days. There is thus a need to downsize, because every square foot in the city will cost you money. Although the norm in houses seems to be the bigger the better, the opposite is true in the city. You might not be swayed by the benefits of smaller square footage yet. So, here are 10 reasons on why you should try living in a studio apartment.

You don’t need as much furniture

Keep this mantra in mind: the bigger the house, the bigger the furniture. With a smaller space, furnishing it will be a much easier endeavor. Having less space to decorate means you will need fewer pieces of furniture. Hence, you can focus on quality by just buying a handful of impactful pieces.

You’re less likely to accumulate junk

Think about this: Empty spaces will not stay empty for very long. Living in a small space forces you to pare down what you keep around. You will be more thoughtful and more intentional in what you own, helping you avoid the tendency to hoard stuff that you don’t need.

You’ll have a much easier time cleaning

A smaller space to live in means a smaller space to clean. With a smaller space, it’s much easier to clean on the go. It will be easy to do a quick sweep daily. With your new more consistent cleaning schedule, the entire studio will feel so fresh and so clean clean.

Your utilities will cost less

A smaller space means less space to power up: less lights, less air-conditioning, less everything. Not only does this save you money in the long run, its greener too!

You’ll be more environmentally friendly

Not only do you use less electricity and energy, fewer materials go into building your space. Being in a smaller space means you will make less of an impact on the environment. This can help you build towards the common goal of being a zero-waste household.

Your will have less debt

A smaller space will generally cost less to purchase. It also means less costs in managing upkeep and repairs. All these translates to less debt in the long run.

Your place will be easier to resell

In line with the trend of downsizing, there will be ample demand for your studio apartment when you are ready to resell or upgrade. Smaller places tend to be easier to resell due to the lower price points and larger markets.

You will be encouraged to go out

The only negative to small spaces is of course… space. However, you can turn this negative into a positive. Your small space at home will encourage you to go out more. Stop holing yourself at home. Get out and breathe the fresh air. Hopefully, the smaller space will encourage you to go on some local adventures or even lead you to exploring your own city more.

You will spend more quality time with your partner

If you’re a young couple starting out or you’ve been together for years, you can benefit from living in a smaller space. In larger homes, we tend to go to our own corner of the house to do our own thing. This becomes a barrier in spending quality time with each other. The advent of technology has already made spending time on computers and phones the norm. You don’t need another barrier at home. Smaller spaces thus encourage us to spend more time together.

You will have more time and money

All these attributes piled up equals to more time and more money for other pursuits of life. Less maintenance, less cleaning, less costs will leave more revenue for you to pursue your passions.
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